Glass On Metal

enny Hellers' art is composed entirely of enamel powders applied to a metal plaque, then vitrified in a 1500 F oven. Jenny developed her own process which enable her to work detail into her creations with glass powder.

This method, also known as " enamel on copper ", is one of the most difficult mediums to master. It has taken the artist eighteen years to refine her process. It was the artist's intention to create art with the same precision as her drawings but with the intensity and luminosity of color these vitrified glass powders provide. This was no mean feat, since the artist's creations contain a multitude of tiny details.

The difficulties were astounding and no one had been able to overcome them. How does one succeed in drawing with powder, applying them one on top of another without them blending with each other ? How does one draw a straight line with powder, create an eye in three superimposed colors with powder or make fine flower petals ? How does one transport large pieces with precision and without any vibration into a kiln preheated to 1500 F ? How does one control the stress of glass on metal during the cooling process or effect several firings without warping the copper ?

There are solutions to all of these challenges, as Jenny proved in 1991 by attaining her objectives. Large creations filled with detail, made from powders in relief and accentuated by a fine black line saw the day, and are signed ... Jenny Hellers.

In order to succeed, the artist had to overcome the various constraints of the medium. A total mastery of the firing process was necessary as her creations are realized through eight firings. The dexterity she has acquired throughout the years enables her to draw with her powders. By increasing the number of firings (the artist works by superimposing the powders), her work becomes clean and precise.

Jenny also had to eliminate all vibrations while transporting her work to the oven, preheated to 1500 F. A specially constructed four-wheeled fork lift table, hand-controlled, enables her to do just that. Furthermore, numerous applications and superimposition give her work relief, which lends a three-dimensional effect to her creations. This relief captures the light and makes the pieces glisten.

©Jenny Hellers
Glass On Metal Artist / Artiste-peintre & Émailleure

55 Sault-au-Matelot
Quebec, P.Q., Canada, G1K 3Y7
Agent : Denis Savoie, tel. & fax (418) 525-7582